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Numbers without context are meaningless

At ZümiFi Inc, our work is focused on you - we seek to create the simplest possible solutions for your financial management needs. But we don't stop there - we also make sure that not only are we tracking things accurately but also that the key information you need is being USED to help you create success. We do this by providing customized reporting solutions, customized tracking systems and structures, and ensuring that all solutions meet your needs even when those needs change. Melinda's passion for teaching also plays a critical role in our approach. We make sure that you understand the finances in your business - both in the reports that we generate and also how your business financial performance supports (or contradicts) your goals and aspirations. We make sure that your numbers have real context and that you "get it" so you can get where you want to in your business.
What ZümiFi can do for you?
ZümiFi Inc provides a wide range of financial management services to help business create success as THEY define it. Our core financial management services include:

- Outsourced CFO Services - With our CFO services we help you

  • Monitor your business financial performance with customized criteria and metric tracking.
  • Create budgets and cash flow projections so you can strategically monitor your most critical resources.
  • Design & implement internal controls to ensure that the information you gather is clean and concise and worth the efforts you put into gathering that information.
  • Advise regarding the use and of technology in your business
  • Provide advisorial support to the CEO / Owner as a key and confidential partner
Think you are too small to hire a CFO? No so - we have many varied levels of service that can help you go with these critical tools you need to build success in your business.

- Ongoing Bookkeeping Services - Our ongoing bookkeeping services manage all the financial activity in your business with our complete turnkey approach. We take the data entry off your hands so that you can focus on the output - the financial reports you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

- Financial Review & Oversight - For clients who manage their bookkeeping, we also offer oversight & review services to monitor that bookkeeping and provide our unique expertise in QuickBooks and financial analysis for your business.

Why choose us?
We're different, there is no doubt about that! Just ask our clients. How are we different? That basically comes down to a few critical things:

  • Business Focus - we provide financial services that are completely focused on business. We know the language and will speak it regularly with you. We distinguish ourselves from other bookkeeping and financial management services by speaking your language - not by requiring that you learn to speak ours
  • Customized, tailored solutions - we create customized Chart of Accounts and customized reporting for all of our clients. Some bookkeeping services & CPAs like all their clients to use one standard Chart of Accounts. Not us. Your Chart of Accounts will be all about what you need to see and will always reflect both solid accounting practices and information laid out in a way that is concise and useful to you
  • Our Team Approach - not only do we have your back, we have each other's too. ZümiFi is unique in that we are a team that works together and therefore can provide continuous support to our clients, whatever may be going on. That means there is always someone available for you, and also that we work together to think things through and ensure that we are coming up with the best, most streamlined solutions in our work with you
Call us today to find out what working with ZümiFi Inc might just be one of the best choices you make!