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Your Financial Partners

In order to get the best possible advice and optimal tax strategy implementation, your CPA and your bookkeeper need to work together well. It is important to maintain a dialogue between these two to address strategies and any unusual events that might impact the financials.  This is especially critical at year end to address any items that might have a significant tax implication or impact on you and your business.

It is essential that your bookkeeper notifies the CPA during the year when important changes arise. Further, your CPA will provide guidance throughout the year to focus on positioning your business optimally for funding requests, tax season and budgeting. Your CPA and bookkeeper are part of the business team that understands what is happening in your business. They can raise and address potential financial issues as they go along.

A business owner cannot know everything. Just the other day, Melinda had a tax question about multi-state tax implications for ZümiFi as our growth now means new questions. Melinda was relieved to find out that there are no immediate tax implications of our recent changes. That question was raised and answered though in a single business day. Why? Because Melinda is part of a great team making it incredibly easy to shoot a question over to one of our awesome CPA partners and get an answer within hours. Melinda has plenty of other things to think and worry about – because we are part of a strong financial team, taxes are not something that needs to occupy a lot of her thoughts.

Every business needs a quality partnership between its financial service providers. And more importantly, the teamwork behind them. If your bookkeeper and CPA don’t collaborate well together, stop for a moment and ask why not? You need all paddles rowing in the same direction.

If you need any recommendations, ZümiFi can help. We have several CPAs that we work very well and closely with, so a strong, collaborative financial team is most definitely within your reach!

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Playing Well Together – Your Financial Partners

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