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Cool Tools – Expensify

Expense reports that don’t suck!

Let Expensify’s intelligent automation handle your expenses in real-time. Because you have better things to do. Whether you’re the credit card type or like to make your purchases with cash (or, gasp, a check!) they’ve got you covered. Either import transactions directly from your card or use your phone to capture cash expenses and their accompanying receipts. Pick and choose which expenses to add to a report and they will take care of the rest! You can even get reimbursed directly to your checking account!

On the approving end of expenses? Set up some basic guidelines for expenses coming your way and they will automatically categorize them and point out possible violations to your expense policy. Approve only the expenses you want and sync with your accounting package to keep the general ledger in check.

Expense reports – not your most exciting responsibility to handle! Most folks find tracking the expenses and receipts to be nothing but a headache … but a business is legally required to maintain receipts as a backup for business expense deductions on their taxes, so you have to do something!

Expensify is a great tool that really helps with this … you can literally just take a photo of a receipt and code it right from your smartphone! Easy! And the best part for the bookkeepers is that we get the data up front, so no time wasted chasing folks down for something they don’t like dealing with anyway. The expense gets entered right, the first time! Expensify also fully integrates with QuickBooks, so no extra work having those details in your bookkeeping.

Expensify is a great tool for businesses that want to streamline the whole process of tracking their business receipts.

What are your favorite tools? We’d love to hear from you.

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