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Master Your Receipts!

One question we get asked frequently is “What should I do with my receipts?” There are multiple solutions available to help keep your receipts organized. Different solutions offer features that are better fits for clients. Some clients do well using tools like Expensify or Tallie to track and record receipts and appreciate the ability to deal with their receipts “on the go”


Other clients prefer to just send things to us, and let us record and store those receipts. This can be as simple as sending us an e-mail with a picture of your receipts. We will upload and file them into your box.com account for you. You can also drop them directly into your “To Be Processed” folder in Box.com. Your ZümiFi account manager checks this folder each time they are working on your account. They will automatically file them in the appropriate expense category for you.

There are all kinds of ways to receipts, but the important thing is to make sure you ARE recording and storing your receipts! Talk to your account manager today if you want to up your game on managing your receipts!

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Master Your Receipts!

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