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Reconnect Your QBO Bank Feeds!

Yikes! If you log into your QuickBooks Online, you may have noticed that there are all sorts of new warnings about your bank feeds. Here is what is going on – QuickBooks has changed the way it connects to the banks. QuickBooks is now using an open authentication standard called OAuth for all these connections. So instead of using your login credentials to connect the accounts, QuickBooks now requires that you “authorize” the bank to connect to QuickBooks. You will need to log into your online banking portal to provide this permission, and once you do so the bank will issue a “token” to QuickBooks for the ongoing connection.

The good news is that means if you change your online banking password, you won’t need to update anything in QBO because that authorized connection will remain in place. The bad news is that it means that everyone is going to need to go in and re-connect any bank feeds that currently exist in QuickBooks Online.

What makes things more complicated as well is that often the bank will require the Primary User (yes, usually you the client) to be the only one who can authorize this connection to QuickBooks Online. That means that many times we cannot do this for you based on our view only access. In those cases, please coordinate with your ZümiFi account manager and they can provide you with instructions on how to complete the authorization in your online banking portal.

Most banks are placing a deadline on re-establishing these connections. So please re-connect your accounts as soon as you notice an issue to ensure that these connections do not ultimately break. A few minutes now will save a whole lot of time and headache down the line, so re-connect your QBO bank feeds today!

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Reconnect Your QBO Bank Feeds!

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