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Make Your 2019 Plan!

According to a recent survey by Clutch, 74% of businesses with 10 employees or fewer did not have any documented budget for 2018.

What??? A solid budget is such a key factor in ensuring your success. A budget will focus your attention not only on the specific goals you want to set (like Revenue Goals) but a solid budgeting process will also allow you to identify and understand when your business will benefit from additional expenses to support that growth. So think for example about coordinating your hiring plans with your revenue goals. Do you need to hire staff in advance, to allow for that revenue growth? Or do you need to grow your revenues a bit first so you can afford that new hire?

A budget will provide you all these answers and more. So make that critical decision now – commit to creating a 2019 budget plan. Define your specific goals and objectives for your business. Then hand your 2019 budget plan over to your bookkeeper and have them input that plan into QuickBooks. Your bookkeeper will then easily be able to generate monthly Actual vs Budget performance reports. That ongoing focus on measuring your progress to the objectives you set for 2019 will benefit your business in innumerable ways.

Make 2019 your most successful year yet by creating, and then working your budget all year long!

Make Your 2019 Plan!

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