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Success Stories – Coding for Success

ZümiFi - here to facilitate what works best for you!

One of our clients has a lot of credit card transactions that flow through their books. Many of those transactions are related to specific jobs they are working on, and need to be billed back to their customers. So coding the credit card activity is always a concern and “pain point”, especially for the busy owner of this business!

This is not a unique challenge, but one of our account managers Kirsti was able to craft a unique solution! By communicating with the client and providing some training on the QuickBooks Online interface, Kirsti was able to walk the client through the process of updating the transactions directly in QBO! This turns out to be a great fit for the client, and how he wants to make this work.

We’re crossing our fingers as well that this new approach will make it easy to update transactions weekly, and keep their books squeaky clean in real time!

ZümiFi – here to facilitate what works best for you!

Success Stories - Coding for Success

Bookkeeping is the bread and butter of our business.

It’s also where we came from, what we love most, and what we’re best at. It really does wake us up in the morning and make us smile when we begin to work! But bookkeeping in the cloud takes all of that joy a few levels higher by optimizing opportunities to automate data entry and connect the vast universe of a variety of online tools that can synchronize seamlessly with your QuickBooks Online. ZümiFi is experienced in understanding each client’s particular needs, then making custom-designed recommendations that will truly move things forward to deliver great books.

Success Stories – Coding for Success

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