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Success Stories – Actionable Data

ZümiFi - delivering clean books for clear thinking!

Success for ZümiFi sometimes means that less is more. A great example of that was last week Megan, a ZümiFi Account Manager, had a super short monthly check-in financial review meeting with her client. Why so short? Well, because things were so clear and systems were running so smoothly that the critical information was all right there at their fingertips and there was little need to take a long time to discuss it. This is actually a great success.

Success Stories - Actionable Data

We want our clients to have what they need – actionable data. When that actionable data is right at their fingertips, they are able to focus their attention on what to DO with that data -how to leverage those insights and learnings to keep moving their business forward. In this case, Megan delivered exactly that – quick, clean, clear, accurate data. The client could then take that data and run with it!

ZümiFi – delivering clean books for clear thinking!

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