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Cool Tools – Google Sheet Comments

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If you work in Google Sheets, you already know how easy it is to collaborate real-time in a shared spreadsheet stored in the cloud.

One of our favorite tools within Google Sheets is the use of comments. You can add a comment to a particular cell, and assign an action item for that comment to someone else who shares the spreadsheet. They will receive email notification of that comment assignment, and can simply log in at their convenience to address the question or issue that was flagged to them. Simple! Then you can mark that comment as “resolved” and it goes away…

Cool Tools - Google Sheet Comments

We find this style of collaboration to be incredibly helpful and super-efficient. Each person can address things easily, but when it works for them. Because the spreadsheet exists only in the cloud, there are no versions to manage back and forth!

Check out Google Sheets today…

ZümiFi – Creating Efficiencies!

Cool Tools – Google Sheet Comments

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