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Cool Tools – Google Drive

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Google Drive is a great option for cloud document storage. It has tons of built-in security, and you can choose to share documents either via a link or by specific invitation only.

Cool Tools - Google Drive


One of our favorite aspects of Google Drive is the fact that you can map the drive directly on your laptop, but NO documents are actually stored on your local machine. This means you get all the convenience of a mapped drive, but you have the security of knowing that everything is stored safely in the cloud.

As an administrator, that also means you can easily “wipe” a laptop by simply removing an individual’s access to Google Drive. No need to worry about someone obtaining access to files on the laptop, because none are actually stored there! And of course, this means you save all that local storage space on your laptop as well.

For those who prefer to work in Microsoft Excel, no worries! You can set Google Drive to automatically open Excel documents in Excel, make any changes required, and still store in Google Drive. So it is truly a seamless experience!

Check out Google Drive – it’s an affordable, cloud-based storage option that may work well for you!

ZümiFi – making your life easier!

Cool Tools – Google Drive

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