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Success Stories – AB5 Compliance

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A number of ZümiFi clients have been paying attention to the changes brought about in California now that AB5 is in effect. One of those clients realized that she will no longer be able to pay one of her part-time assistants as independent contractors.

Success Stories - AB5 Compliance

If you recall, AB5 now provides VERY strict definitions of who can be paid as an independent contractor. AB5 now makes it clear that this client needs to pay and treat this person as an employee of her business. Her ZümiFi account manager, Emily stepped up to help out. After discussing various payroll service options with the client, we recommended Gusto as the best fit for her circumstances. Emily got her all set up with Gusto, and then integrated Gusto with QuickBooks Online and TSheets so our client now has a seamless, easy to use and very effective payroll service that minimizes the need for much additional work! The client is thrilled, and more importantly, the client is now fully compliant with the restrictions under AB5. 

If you need to learn more about AB5 and it’s implications for your business, please check out one of our trusted colleagues Ilya Filmus who is offering a luncheon to clarify and discuss AB5 – click here for more info!

ZümiFi – trusted solutions for today’s busy entrepreneurs!

Success Stories – AB5 Compliance

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