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Cool Tools – LogMeIn Pro

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LogMeIn Pro is an excellent tool to remotely access a computer. Obviously tons of folks are now benefiting from adding this capability in their businesses as they shelter-in-place. LogMeIn is a tool ZümiFi has used for years to manage our remote workstations so we are big fans.

Cool Tools - LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn is pretty easy to use, and also to install. Once installed, you can access the remote computer whenever you need to as long as it is turned “on” and has an internet connection. There are lots of ways to secure the connection as well (multi-factor authentication, etc). You can also remotely print, and basically do anything you need to as if you were physically sitting in front of that machine!

The best part though is that LogMeIn is giving back in the midst of the COVID craziness. LogMeIn is offering 50% annual subscriptions to help folks leverage this amazing tool at an affordable and accessible price! The offer ends this week.

Click here (https://store.logmein.com/) to take advantage of this special pricing!

Cool Tools – LogMeIn Pro

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