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ZümiFi – Standing Together!

but of course, respecting appropriate social distancing!

It’s hard to talk about successes at this time, so we will instead focus on the ways we are helping, and can further assist our clients:

  • assisting clients with cash flow forecasting – providing historical financial details for SBA loan applications
  • helping navigate requirements and filings for furloughed employees
  • calculating essential expenditures, and identifying discretionary spends that can be suspended temporarily
  • researching local, state and federal assistance options
  • connecting our clients with other professionals (Employment Law Attorneys, Business transactional attorneys, CPAs, etc)
  • reducing bookkeeping engagement to necessary functions only
  • identifying Accounts Receivable potential delays and strategies to address
  • activating electronic payment capabilities

One of our most severely impacted clients had this to share last week: “Malou, thank you so much for all of your help on everything! You’ve been amazing.”

We cannot make this go away. We cannot wave a magic wand and ensure that everyone’s business will continue to thrive under these extraordinary circumstances. But we can partner with you, and stand shoulder to shoulder to figure out how to do the best you possibly can under the circumstances.

ZümiFi – standing together!

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