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Cool Tools Bill.com

What are your favorite tools? We'd love to hear from you.

At ZümiFi, we have been doing this while and have a few favorite tools to make business and our client’s businesses more efficient. This is a sampling of the tools we like to use to deliver powerful X-ray Vision for our clients.

Bill.com is the leading digital business payments company creating magically simple A/P and A/R solutions. We are uniquely positioned at the center of business payments, uniting banks, accountants, and businesses on the fastest-growing payments network.

Bill.com helps over 1,000,000 network members process over $25 billion monthly payments. It saves companies up to 50 percent of the time typically spent on financial back-office operations by securely automating their end-to-end processes. Three top ten U.S. banks and 35 percent of the top 100 accounting firms rely on Bill.com as their direct payments solution.

Bill.com truly facilitates our work with clients – clients can maintain as much control as they wish, and we can still complete the work they want us to do! Vendors get paid faster, and all parties can complete their tasks at their convenience. It’s seamless, reliable, and completely integrates with QBO. When it is the right fit for our clients, we LOVE working with Bill.com!

Bookkeeping is the bread and butter of our business.

It’s also where we came from, what we love most, and what we’re best at. It really does wake us up in the morning and make us smile when we begin to work! But bookkeeping in the cloud takes all of that joy a few levels higher by optimizing opportunities to automate data entry and connect the vast universe of a variety of online tools that can synchronize seamlessly with your QuickBooks Online. ZümiFi is experienced in understanding each client’s particular needs, then making custom-designed recommendations that will truly move things forward to deliver great books.

Cool Tools Bill.com


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