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Cool Tools – Box Capture App

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Box Capture Box’s first mobile-only app for the enterprise. Box Capture is a new iOS application that connects your phone’s camera to business processes, ensuring that critical information from the field gets to all the right people in the organization.

Box Capture is Box’s first purpose-built mobile app, and it’s designed to ensure that these workers are just as connected to core business processes and workflows as their colleagues in the office. Today, the ability to get information from the field into the right hands is slowed down by antiquated, multi-step processes using tools such as scanners, cameras, email attachments and USBs. Box Capture makes it easy for mobile workers to take photos, videos, and document scans and instantly save them to the cloud, automatically triggering workflows with colleagues that can react to information from the field in real time.

We love the Box Capture app! It lets you take pictures of your receipts from your iPhone or Android camera. Then, “Drop” your pictures into any folder in your Box.com account.

A pretty efficient way to save your receipts when you are on the go.

If you need help finding or integrating a system to keep your receipts organized, we can recommend programs to help you towards a clutter-free and organized workspace. At ZümiFi, we’re here to help you find the right tools to make your life easier!

With our financial management services, ZümiFi can help you create the Financial Management discipline and the routine to flex your business muscles. Our services can show you how to get the desired results for your business. Like a personal trainer at the gym, ZümiFi’s extensive financial and business expertise can save you time and money in managing your business. We’ll help you achieve your success more efficiently and effectively.

Our scope of financial management services includes monitoring your business’s financial performance with customized criteria and metric tracking, creating budgets and cash flow projections, designing and implementing internal controls, advising regarding the technology your business uses and business process optimization, providing advice/support to the CEO/COO/Owner as a key and confidential partner, and offering financial review and oversight services for clients who manage their bookkeeping.

In conclusion, keeping your receipts organized is essential for any business owner. Consider going digital and using a mobile app to simplify and streamline your record-keeping. Contact us today to learn more about our financial management services and how we can help you create a clutter-free and organized workspace for your business.

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Cool Tools – Box Capture App