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Cool Tools – Google Sheets

Happy clients are our goal!

ZümiFi has developed considerable experience using various tools to enhance our and our client’s businesses. Here are some examples of the tools we utilize to provide our clients with powerful X-ray Vision:

Google Sheets – excellent for collaboration!

Google Sheets offers eye-catching charts and graphs that display your data in color. Furthermore, it includes time-saving built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options, all at no cost.

Access your spreadsheets anywhere and anytime.

You can access, create, and modify your spreadsheets on the go, whether on your phone, tablet, or computer, even without an internet connection.

While Google Sheets may not be as comprehensive as an Excel spreadsheet, it is a useful tool that we employ for real-time collaboration with our clients. You no longer have to worry about who is editing what or which version contains all the data. We also collaborate with clients during meetings to modify the Google Sheets in real time! It’s an excellent method for keeping everyone on the same page… give it a try!

We’re interested in hearing about your favorite tools as well.

Cool Tools – Google Sheets

Success Stories – Thanks, Christine!

A special thank you to Christine, a member of our team! She discovered an efficient approach to converting data from bank and credit card statements in PDF format into an Excel spreadsheet. This enabled us to gather the client’s income and expenses in one place.

This isn’t our usual practice, as we prefer to keep our books current and use a comprehensive accounting solution such as QuickBooks Online. However, in this particular case, we’ll be managing the books for the client’s new business, and he needs to organize and report past activities to “tidy up.” So Christine devised a quick, efficient, and straightforward method to assist the client in obtaining the necessary information.

Way to go, Christine! That’s the ZümiFi way…

Our objective is to have satisfied clients!

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