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Cool Tools – Gusto

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First, we love Gusto because it is a user-friendly, robust payroll solution. But throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have come to love them even more, and here’s why.

  1. Gusto JUMPED created reports that made calculating their clients’ average monthly payroll costs easy. Wow – they were just on it! And even better, they communicated about it and let everyone know! You always want to know that your suppliers will be there when times get tough, and Gusto did a great job of making this all easier for their clients and serving as a great source of information and updates. Things changed quickly. Gusto adapted super fast to all changes. Wow – just wow! We are very impressed and learned to love them just that much more…
  2. Gusto figured out partners who were SBA lenders accepting PPP applications and then published that. Again, they were completely on top of their client’s needs and shared information about connecting with those lenders accepting applications. Gusto continues to be a great information resource for small businesses, actively and continuously updating those resources. Gusto has been one of the best information resources we have seen to date. Well done, Gusto!
  3. Gusto decided to offer a 50% discount to new customers for their first six months on Gusto. Of course, this is somewhat self-serving, but they were once again quick to make themselves valuable and acknowledge the customers’ pain points (and potential customers). Don’t you wish that QuickBooks offered a discount on their monthly fee? I sure do, and their reach is way bigger than Gustos. Gusto is doing the right thing for the right reasons. Sometimes it’s not that hard to know what to do and do it. We appreciate that Gusto is dedicated to making things work best for their customers…

If you haven’t experienced Gusto yet, check them out. You may not need them for your business, but recommend them to another business owner. They’re the good guys. They have your back and our back and are in this with small businesses. Check them out!

Cool Tools – Gusto

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