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Cool Tools – QBO Advance Search

At ZümiFi, we love QuickBooks Online, but it can be complex.

The QuickBooks Online advanced search bar is a powerful tool that can save you time and quickly get the answers you are looking for. Using this feature, you can narrow your search by the type of transaction, names, amounts, and dates. Then, bookmark the page and add it to your bookmarks toolbar to create a shortcut for easy access. At ZümiFi, we love sharing QuickBooks Online features like this with our clients to make them more productive and efficient.

If you’re still using desktop solutions to track your books, ZümiFi can offer QuickBooks consulting services to help you get up and running in the cloud smoothly and efficiently. We can configure and set up QuickBooks with best practices to work effectively for your particular business, build customized reports, and navigate intricacies like invoicing, inventory tracking, job costing, reconciling accounts, payroll, subcontractors, and more. With our expertise, you can save time and accuracy by entering information into your accounting system just once, then having it work seamlessly.

Cool Tools – QBO Advance Search

ZümiFi provides financial management services to help businesses monitor financial performance, create budgets and cash flow projections, design and implement internal controls, and optimize business processes. Our outsourced CFO services are like having a personal trainer for your business, helping you achieve success more efficiently and effectively.

We offer financial review and oversight services to clients who manage their bookkeeping. We monitor their bookkeeping and provide our unique expertise in QuickBooks and financial analysis to help them make better decisions for their business.

At ZümiFi, we are committed to building long-lasting partnerships with our clients and providing exceptional service and support.

Contact us today to learn more about our financial management services and how we can help your business succeed.