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Putting You In Control

Leverage critical financial data to optimize your business!

Control your books!

Melinda just had an initial call with a potential client and was disturbed to hear that the client does not have access to their books! That’s right, the people who currently maintain their books are the only ones with access to them. This is oh, so wrong on many levels!

First, they are YOUR books. That means you should always have open access to them. Even better, it would be best if you were looking at them. No matter how good a bookkeeping service provider is, they are not in control – you are! These are vital records for your business, and ultimately you are legally responsible for them. So you need to make sure that you have this control. Sometimes, things happen inadvertently.

We just realized, for example, that one of our clients was not the Master Administrator of their QuickBooks Online file. Solution? Easy! We transferred the Master Administrator role to them as soon as we discovered it. Of course, QBO used to do things differently, so it is not entirely surprising that we had held that role. But nowadays, there is no reason for us to hold that role – we can do everything we need to by simply occupying an Accountant User slot. So with just a few quick clicks of a button, we could transfer this role to the business owner, providing him the ultimate control over his books!

Check out your books – do you have full access?

Do you have control of the books? And if you don’t know, or are unsure how to access your books, even if you have control of them, give ZümiFi a call. We are passionate about ensuring you are in control and can leverage this critical financial data to optimize your business!

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Putting You In Control

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