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Success Stories – Reconciliation is the test!

ZümiFi - getting the WHOLE job done!

📚 Reconciliation: The Key to Accurate Books! 💼💯

Data entry is crucial, but reconciliation is where the true test lies! At ZümiFi, we understand the importance of entering data and ensuring its accuracy and completeness through thorough reconciliation. Let us share a success story from our newest team member, Karen, who recently onboarded a client with complex Accounts Receivables managed by a third-party vendor.

To our surprise, the client’s previous bookkeeper focused solely on data entry, neglecting the critical step of reconciling the data to the third-party provider’s reporting. This left a significant gap in their financial records. But at ZümiFi, we believe in getting the WHOLE job done!

Karen took on the challenge and meticulously reconciled thousands of invoices from 2018, aligning the client’s books with the reporting provided by the third-party vendor. The result? Squeaky clean books! The client now clearly understands their financial standing and knows exactly who owes them what.

ZümiFi – Getting the WHOLE Job Done! 💼

Bookkeeping is our passion and expertise. We take pride in going beyond data entry to ensure accurate and reliable financial records. With bookkeeping in the cloud, we harness the power of automation and seamless integration with tools like QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, and Box.com. This optimizes efficiency, eliminates manual data entry, and simplifies your bookkeeping process.

📚 Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services Tailored to You

ZümiFi’s ongoing bookkeeping services offer a complete turnkey approach, providing solid books that deliver real-time key information. Our services include:

1️⃣ Accounts Payable Services: We record, track, and process vendor bills, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

2️⃣ Accounts Receivable Services: We record and track customer invoices and payments, helping you manage your receivables efficiently.

3️⃣ Payroll Services: We process payroll accurately, following your specific instructions regarding amounts to pay. We also handle payroll taxes and necessary tax forms.

4️⃣ Reconciliations: Our team reviews and balances bank and credit card transactions, promptly notifying you of discrepancies. We resolve these discrepancies based on your instructions, ensuring accurate financial records.

5️⃣ Reporting: We generate comprehensive financial reports based on the collected data, providing valuable insights to support your decision-making.

With ZümiFi, you can trust that every dollar counts. We prioritize accuracy, completeness, and the success of your business.

Contact us today or call 415.550.3070 to learn more about our experience and expertise and how you can benefit from customized bookkeeping services to meet your business needs.

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