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Success Stories – Streamlining Processes

ZümiFi - know your numbers!

We are backed up! Who doesn’t know that feeling? We all have tons going on, and this was most definitely the case for one of our clients. We recently discussed with him how we could try to prevent him from getting so backed on things he needs to provide us with so we can keep the books up to date.

Success Stories - Streamlining Processes

The solution? His crackerjack account manager Megan had a bunch of ideas! First, she found out that he manages 21 different email accounts, so he struggles to keep track of her email requests. So Megan suggested they schedule regular phone calls – that way, they can keep on top of open items, and the client doesn’t need to work so hard sorting through email requests!

Next? The client has tons of Amazon charges, and those always require more information before we can code them accurately in the books. The solution? Megan suggested that the client set her up with direct access so that she could research the activity directly. There are tons of ways we can help you stay on top of your books.

We’re passionate about keeping your books in “real-time.” Why? Because you need that to know the numbers are accurate, and you can USE them! So, if you get behind, call your ZümiFi account manager now! We will work with you directly to streamline processes, tasks, and data flow to ensure that the books are clean and current!

ZümiFi – know your numbers!

Success Stories – Streamlining Processes