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Train your Folks!

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Sexual Harassment is a big deal, and now providing anti-harassment training is a legal requirement for all businesses in California with five or more employees.

Train your Folks! Anti-Harassment Training

The new law, effective now for 2019, states that all Supervisors must receive at least two hours of anti-harassment training. All other employees must receive at least one hour of anti-harassment training. The first round of training must be completed by January 1, 2020. After that, anti-harassment training must be completed every two years to comply with SB 1343. Starting in 2020, training will also be required for seasonal and temporary workers within 30 days of hire or within the first 100 hours worked.

So with all these requirements, how does a small business stay on top of all this compliance?

  • First – we highly recommend that all small businesses have an HR/Employment law resource. Your employee handbook needs to be updated regularly, and a good partner providing those services will notify you of new requirements like this when they arise.
  • Second – we recommend that you identify some good providers for HR training.

Many types of training can be provided easily online and cost-effectively these days. However, there are always two components to smart business: ensuring you are fully compliant. Next, leveraging those compliance requirements to make your business the best it can be.

No one wants to be harassed, so make sure you and your entire team know what that looks like and how to prevent that from entering your workplace!

Zumifi – keeping you in compliance!

Train your Folks!