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ZümiFi in the times of COVID 19

You matter to us greatly, and we are here to help as best we can!

As many of you know, ZümiFi is a completely virtual bookkeeping service. Thankfully, that means we have encountered very little disruption in our work. Each team member works from a fully equipped home office, so shelter-in-place has not required any changes on our part regarding when or how we work. ZümiFi has always thrived with our team’s contributions, concern, and efforts, and now that is true more than ever. We feel extraordinarily blessed that we do not anticipate changes in our team’s work schedules or availability.
The biggest changes for us have been in our work with our clients. Some of our clients are deeply impacted, and their businesses truly cannot operate. While other clients are somewhat impacted, a lucky few are minimally impacted. ZümiFi has made ourselves available to support our clients with their varied needs.
For clients who are deeply impacted, we have worked closely with them over the last several weeks to plan, strategize and execute their response to this crisis. Cash flow forecasts abound, as has research into government support programs and introductions to other key professionals who can help navigate these extraordinary times.
For other clients, we have been supporting more minimal changes like moving to all electronic payment processing and adjusting other workflows to ensure they can adjust to the changes required by shelter-in-place.
Our focus is on you and your business and on what we can do to contribute to your business weathering this pandemic as well as it can. Our commitment to you will not waiver.
ZümiFi has built redundancies, backups, and clear documentation into the DNA of how we operate. As such, we ensure that all accounts can be covered as seamlessly as possible should one of our team members fall ill or need to care for a family member who falls ill. ZümiFi will support our team members should that need arise, as we already have sick leave policies in place and will stretch those policies as appropriate during this pandemic. We will also ensure that if a team member is unavailable, we have another team member step in to “keep the trains running” for our clients. We have each other’s backs, just like we have yours.
Now more than ever, we are reminded of connection. Our relationships with each other, among team members and clients and our community, have always been the foundation on which we interact. You matter to us greatly, and we are here to help as best we can!

ZümiFi in the times of COVID 19

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December 30, 2021

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