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Success Stories – Finding the Right Solution

One of our clients approached us regarding their point of sale system they are currently using. They wanted to find a new system that was cost-effective, fast and easy to use. Their account manager, Jen, was able to research different systems for the client and found a solution.

Their current online booking system has an app that can be downloaded and operated on smartphones, androids, and tablets. The client was excited once they found out they could use their existing online booking system to also process walk-up customers in their ticket booth! Even better, this solution would allow them to be mobile on more than one device.

ZümiFi is here to help you find ways to use the tools you already have or find a new one that is the right fit! Ask your ZümiFi account manager if you are facing any challenges that are slowing down your business.

Integration Services

ZümiFi has successfully configured and integrated a wide variety of online tools in the Cloud for our clients. In fact, some of our most savvy clients often bring us in to assist in researching the ideal tools that can enhance their accounting needs. Best of all, we always bring our passion to keeping it as simple as possible, even for complex installations. “Simple” Cloud integration services also minimize the potential points of failure and ensure that a system design will be sustainable in the long run.

The Scope of ZümiFi’s Cloud Integration Services:

  • Bring various software solutions together effectively and cost efficiently.
  • Integration of unlimited tools, vast resources and real-time data access on any device, at any time.
  • POS systems, shopping cart integration systems, time tracking and invoicing systems for many clients.
  • Inventory management systems to streamline your complex, time-consuming tasks.
  • Enhanced security because the Cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information.
  • Multi-user access to enable collaboration between ZümiFi and your team.

Contact us today or call 415.550.3070 to find out more about our experience, expertise and how you can benefit with customized Cloud Integration Services to meet your business needs.

We can help you find a solution!

Success Stories – Finding the Right Solution

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