Why do you need financial management?

The real question is, “Why don’t you need financial management?” Most small businesses struggle because they aren’t comfortable analyzing and tracking what’s going on with their numbers. These reports can be difficult to understand unless you can read between the lines and see the big picture, month to month. Zumifi can help. We believe that “working” your financials is much like exercising… We all know what we “should” be doing it, but it’s often hard to get into the habit. So if you don’t like staring cross-eyed at financial reports, let Zumifi create and manage the reports for you.

Financial Management Services

Zumifi can help you create the Financial Management discipline and the routine to flex your business muscles. Our services can show you how to get the results you desire for your business. Like a personal trainer at the gym, Zumifi’s extensive financial and business expertise can save you time and money in managing your business. We’ll help you achieve your success more efficiently and more effectively.

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The Scope of Zumifi’s Financial Management Services

With our Outsourced CFO services, we can help you:

Monitor your business financial performance with customized criteria and metric tracking.

Create budgets and cash flow projections so you can strategically monitor your most critical resources.

Design and implement internal controls to ensure that the information you gather is clean, concise and worth the efforts you put into gathering that information.

Advise regarding the technology your business uses, and business process optimization.

Provide advice/ support to the CEO / COO / Owner as a key and confidential partner.

Financial Review and Oversight – For clients who manage their bookkeeping, we offer oversight and review services to monitor that bookkeeping and provide our unique expertise in QuickBooks and financial analysis for your business.

ZumiFi - Online Bookkeeping

Zumifi is how I have my company’s books managed efficiently, easily and effortlessly (on my part) –– almost as if it were magic!”

Gary Levenberg, KID Group, San Francisco, CA


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Malou Garrity — Bookkeeping Account Manager

“DO NOT QUIT – some days are tougher than others. Many times stress can be insurmountable. Hang in there, never give up, and always be proud of yourself. You are somebody- always remember that. When you fall, get back up… Life goes on”

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