Having that weight lifted from my shoulders because I’m not a finance guy, ultimately lets me focus on things that matter to grow my business such as the marketing and the operations…”

Raj Jha, CEO Of Practice Alchemy, San Francisco, CA

Thank you very much for your excellent service on our books. We appreciated how you quickly got up to speed and how you have helped us with our processes. We have always felt that we were in good hands as we started our business.”

Mark J. Hancock,
Gough & Hancock LLP, San Francisco, CA

ZümiFi is how I have my company’s books managed efficiently, easily and effortlessly (on my part) –– almost as if it were magic!

Gary Levenberg
KID Group, San Francisco, CA

ZümiFi has delivered on difficult projects and saved me loads of time on day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, all at very reasonable prices.

Steven Damron
The Social Edge, New York City, NY

ZümiFi has been our virtual in-house accounting department and business advisors for the past 7 years. They work seamlessly with the partners and staff so we know exactly how our time and money is spent. Few things in our business are absolutely dependable, but thank goodness that our accounting and financial management, through ZümiFi, is one of them.

Alan Kawasaki
Shah Kawasaki Architects, Oakland, CA

ZümiFi has been helping us for years. Melinda and her team have been amazing in so many ways. They save us time, money and their help in advising us for the best course of action in many situations has been priceless. “We at Italian Foods Corporation are very happy to be part of the ZümiFi family. Thank you Melinda and her team for everything you had done for us throughout the years.

Francesca and Elena Lapiana
Italian Foods Corporation, Raleigh, NC

But once that’s said and done, of course, you’ve got the financials that come out of that, and thinking through, at a more strategic level, what does this mean for me and what are some of the opportunities that I have to use the financials as strategic planning tools? That’s the kind of thing that Melinda has really added a lot of value with in both my prior business and in my current business.

Raj Jha
CEO Of Practice Alchemy, San Francisco, CA