What’s up with the Cloud?

Everything! It’s where most businesses already are and where your business is headed.
Salesforce.com is in the Cloud. Oracle is in the Cloud. And QuickBooks practically created accounting and bookkeeping in the Cloud. So in addition to our deep expertise with QuickBooks and accounting software, we also have tons of experience configuring 3rd party applications to work hand-in-hand with your accounting system. We understand how these systems work and we know the benefits and challenges of smart, streamlined system designs to marry with your current bookkeeping apps.

Cloud Integration Services

Zumifi has successfully configured and integrated a wide variety of online tools in the Cloud for our clients. In fact, some of our most savvy clients often bring us in to assist in researching the ideal tools that can enhance their accounting needs. Best of all, we always bring our passion to keeping it as simple as possible, even for complex installations. “Simple” Cloud integration services also minimizes the potential points of failure, and ensures that a system design will be sustainable in the long run

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The Scope of Zumifi’s Cloud Integration Services:

Bring various software solutions together effectively and cost efficiently.

Integration of unlimited tools, vast resources and real-time data access on any device, at any time.

POS systems, shopping cart integration systems, time tracking and invoicing systems for many clients.

Inventory management systems to streamline your complex, time-consuming tasks.

Enhanced security because the Cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information.

Multi-user access to enable collaboration between Zumifi and your team.

ZumiFi - Online Bookkeeping

Zumifi is how I have my company’s books managed efficiently, easily and effortlessly (on my part) –– almost as if it were magic!”

Gary Levenberg, KID Group, San Francisco, CA


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