Managing your inventory is critical, and it is also more complicated from an accounting standpoint. You need to be sure to capture each inventory related activity, in sequence, and very accurately. If you don’t, your books will get out of whack very quickly and you will not be able to use or rely on the numbers you see.

Fear not though!  Our team at ZumiFi has extensive experience dealing with inventory based businesses, and ensuring that not only the accounting is clean and accurate but the inventory reporting is also accurate and up to date. We work with numerous Point of Sale systems, as well as robust manufacturing inventory softwares that can capture each phase of assembly and all the associated accounting to track your products as they move from raw materials into finished products.  We can assist you in the selection of the best applications for your business, integrate these applications with your QuickBooks Online, and then manage these systems on an ongoing basis. Need to track lot numbers? Capture sell by dates? We understand a wide variety of needs and will work with you to ensure that your systems are smart, well-connected, and provide you the clean real-time data that every inventory based business needs to thrive.

Need to track lot numbers? Capture sell by dates?

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