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Success Stories – Raising Red Flags

As part of our work at ZümiFi, the recurring payments, and expenses for our clients. While many of these are legitimate, there are some that may be fraud or raise a red flag. Occasionally, a vendor will make a mistake and charge your card more than once. Other times, it can be more serious.

Last month, a vendor billed one of our clients twice for a recurring order. This caught the eye of their ZümiFi account manager. She brought it to her client’s attention right away. This gave the client the opportunity to research the issue. Were they double charged, or did they forget to enter a second bill into QBO? Once the client was aware of the discrepancy, she was able to easily resolve the matter with her vendor.

Identifying transactions that may be incorrect or not recorded properly is one of the many things we do when working on your account.

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Success Stories – Raising Red Flags

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