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Success Stories – Creating Efficient Workflows

At ZümiFi, our goal is to establish a great workflow with our clients. We have a client that wants to make sure his billing is completed and sent out by the 5th of every month. His account manager has set up his monthly billing procedures to ensure this can be accomplished within his desired time frame.

The client enters his billable time in T-Sheets every day. This information is then transferred over to his QBO account and approved. Time to review and make adjustments to his entries is important for billing accuracy. Sending her client his time activity reports a few days before the end of the month has allowed him more time to review. A smaller report with the remaining entries is then sent at the beginning of the month before draft invoices are created. By starting the billing process a few days early has decreased the amount of time needed to revise invoices before they are e-mailed out.

Establishing smarter workflow procedures saves time, money and gets invoices out faster!

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Success Stories – Creating Efficient Workflows

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