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Cool Tools – QuickBooks Mileage Tracker

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We are exploring a new feature in the QuickBooks app – Mileage! This is actually very cool. You can allow the app to automatically track your mileage. With a few quick initial settings, you can authorize the app to automatically record all miles driven. That’s right -GPS locations and mileage are automatically recorded. You can then either go into the app or go into QuickBooks Online directly and indicate which of those miles are for business or are for personal. Once indicated, you can also generate mileage reports! 

Cool Tools - QuickBooks Mileage Tracker

This could be a game-changer for lots of folks. You don’t have to sit in your car and deal with your tedious mile entries. You can simply periodically go in and correctly mark automatically recorded activity as either business or personal. What a game-changer!

Check it out and tell us what you think… We think this is definitely worth taking for a spin…

ZümiFi – Creating Efficiencies!

Cool Tools – QuickBooks Mileage Tracker

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