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Changing Employment Laws and Regulations

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Staying Up-to-date on Changing Employment Laws and Regulations

As a business owner, you understand the importance of staying apprised of existing and new labor laws that apply to your business. Even if you have a Human Resources department ensuring your company is in total compliance, it is important for a business owner to protect your business and your employees by staying informed. Newsletters and social media are great ways to stay up to date. By subscribing to or following the Federal and State Department of Labor agencies, updates will be sent directly to you.

In addition, consider hiring an employment lawyer or an HR Consultant. Just because you are aware of the laws doesn’t always mean you understand them or how they will impact your business. Having an expert in your corner is a smart investment in your business. Your attorney or HR Consultant will be able to answer any questions and make sure you are handling any labor-related issues correctly.

ZümiFi – working with your team to ensure you are covered and compliant!

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Changing Employment Laws and Regulations

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