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Success Stories – Stumping Tech Support!

A client called the other day and tried to configure a more detailed integration between QuickBooks Online and their American Express account. But American Express generated an error upon attempting the connection, stating that QBO had too many “categories” (more than 4,000). So what did our client do? Gave ZümiFi a call. When we reached...

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Staff Productivity & Costs

If you are a labor-based organization, you know that your people are your “product,” and investing in your staff is critical to ensuring long-term success. That said, we are all special snowflakes. We all contribute; both those contributions are not equal across the board. So how do you know who is successful and who isn’t?...

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Calculate Your Current Ratio

Small businesses often focus on managing one of their most precious resources – cash! Therefore, you need to be sure you have enough cash on hand to meet your obligations, and hopefully, then some! A great metric you can use to help guide you in this area is the Current Ratio. The current ratio is...

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Valuation Tracking

When we look to value a company, we typically look at the industry comps for valuation multiples. Typically, a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization). By looking at companies in the same field, we can determine the potential value of your company. The challenge is as small business owners we tend...

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Update your physical inventory!

Inventories are helpful for depreciation schedule communications with your CPA and invaluable for 571-L filings required to determine unsecured property taxes that your business will owe. But truly tracking this information can be useful for your internal purposes as well – to make sure you know what you own and to manage your capital budget,...

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