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Creating a Paper Trail

As a business owner, you may know keeping receipts when entertaining clients is important. However, did you know that receipts may not be enough? In addition to receipts, documentation is key to entertaining clients and writing off associated expenses. Here are some tips to help you keep track of the necessary documentation: Create a guest...

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Success Stories – Getting to the Bottom of Things

It’s not uncommon that we are asked to dig into things that occurred before we ever started working with our clients. That’s exactly what recently happened for one of our clients – they received an IRS notice regarding a payroll filing for a prior year. Thankfully, their ZümiFi account manager Patty dug right into it!...

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Get a W-9

When you pay someone, we recommend that you always get a completed W-9 from them. Some vendors or contractors will tell you that you do not need to 1099 them. That may be true, but a W-9 is still a smart idea as it is your responsibility to determine who needs to receive a 1099,...

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