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Save Those Receipts

The IRS requires you to keep receipts for basically everything you spend on your business. Collecting, and managing those receipts is a critical workflow to determine for your business. Done well, this just becomes a way everyone works. Not done well, this becomes a time-consuming reconstruction effort well after the fact, and the potential to...

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Start Saving for Taxes Now!

I know, I know … you are sick of taxes! And you just paid them (or at least an estimate of what you will owe). But here’s the thing – smart businesses save for taxes all throughout the year. Month by month, or week by week they are putting money away for the tax payments...

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Track Your Physical Inventory in Real-Time!

2018 is closed. Your taxes are in the capable hands of your CPA, or already complete. So what’s next for the business who is on top of their bookkeeping game? Tracking their business property! Most localities require you to report all business property that you keep at your business location. Sure, this means your computers...

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Close Your 2018 Books!

Now that your 1099s have all been filed, it’s time to wrap up your 2018 books. In addition to the regular monthly activities of reconciling all your bank and credit card accounts, and reviewing your A/R and A/P reports for accuracy there are a few additional items we recommend you do to ensure your 2018...

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Success Stories – No More Guessing

One of our clients knew in mid-December exactly what their remaining income and expenses were going to be for 2018. Their account manager, Megan, then used that information to provide them very accurate projected final financials for 2018. Result? The client was able to make last minute decisions on expenses, incentives, and partner distributions well...

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Closing Out the Year

Book a conversation with your CPA to strategize about closing out the year If you haven’t already, be sure to contact your CPA now! You’ll want to provide them with your actual financials through November, and then your projection of what will happen in the month of December. Be sure to include information about any...

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