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Review your 2022 Financials!

The time has come to wrap up 2022 and hand off your financials to your tax preparer. Now that you (or your bookkeeper) have poured over 2022 to ensure everything is complete and accurate, it’s time to take a step back and look at how your business performed last year. Did you grow your sales?...

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Partner Spotlight Jeff Belingheri of Bregante + Company LLP

Jeff Belingheri and his team have an amazing ability to talk “business.” They are skilled, strategic, and thorough – top-notch quality CPAs. But perhaps most impressively, they are easy to talk to – they understand business. Jeff and his staff have expertise in various investments, ownership transitions, and other unique tax situations. As a result, they...

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Close Your 2022 Books!

Now that you have filed your 1099s, it’s time to finalize your 2022 accounting records. In addition to your regular monthly tasks, such as reconciling bank and credit card accounts and reviewing accounts payable and receivable reports, we recommend taking the following actions to ensure a smooth start to 2023: Reconcile all loans to verify...

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Tax Planning for Your Business

Tax Planning – why it’s key to get your YE final estimates to CPA Thinking about taxes is as exciting for most business owners as a root canal. No disrespect to our CPA friends. But there are many important reasons to start early to avoid penalties and reduce tax exposures. Regardless of how simple or...

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