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Tax Planning for Your Business

Tax Planning – why it’s key to get your YE final estimates to CPA Thinking about taxes is as exciting for most business owners as a root canal. No disrespect to our CPA friends. But there are many important reasons to start early to avoid penalties and reduce tax exposures. Regardless of how simple or...

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Success Stories Integrated Inventory Management

We’re excited about one of our new clients. They are a start-up food company. They have been in business for about a year but are still in the start-up/launch phase. In Feb 2017, they will be doing a large-scale launch of their wholesale manufacturing and sales. Unfortunately, their existing bookkeepers didn’t feel they were well-suited...

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Small Business Assistance During COVID 19

So many small business owners are deeply impacted by the shelter-in-place restrictions. ZümiFi is compiling an initial list of resources that are available, but of course, things are changing rapidly and all business owners should stay abreast of how evolving programs and offerings might benefit their businesses: Local, Municipal assistance: San Francisco assistance to offer...

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ZümiFi in the times of COVID 19

As many of you are aware, ZümiFi is completely virtual bookkeeping service. Thankfully, that means we have encountered very little disruption in the way we work. Each team member works from a fully equipped home office, so shelter-in-place has not required any changes on our part in terms of when or how we work. ZümiFi...

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March 31, 2020

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