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Success Stories Integrated Inventory Management

We’re excited about one of our new clients. They are a start-up food company. They have been in business for about a year but are still in the start-up/launch phase. In Feb 2017, they will be doing a large-scale launch of their wholesale manufacturing and sales. Unfortunately, their existing bookkeepers didn’t feel they were well-suited...

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Success Stories – Game Changer

One of our beloved clients has operations in the United States, as well as in Canada. As such, their bookkeeping has always been complicated, given that the exchange rates vary day today. Some of these exchange rate changes can make a significant difference. So how to produce accurate books? Well, ZümiFi has an answer for...

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ZümiFi – Standing Together!

It’s hard to talk about successes at this time, so we will instead focus on the ways we are helping, and can further assist our clients: assisting clients with cash flow forecasting – providing historical financial details for SBA loan applications helping navigate requirements and filings for furloughed employees calculating essential expenditures, and identifying discretionary...

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Success Stories – Helping You Grow

One of our crackerjack Account Managers, Megan, had one of her clients reach out. This client was presented with an opportunity to purchase two other businesses that are in the same industry as his. Amongst the many challenges, was the client’s need to sort out what this might all look like if it operated as...

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