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Success Stories – Year Over Year

In the last newsletter, we recommended that you take some time after finalizing your year-end books to review your 2022 financials and learn what they tell you about your business performance. One of our clients asked if we could help them do this analysis. But of course! Our stellar Director of Operations did a thorough...

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Success Stories – Checklists

  We love checklists! One of our clients has a very extensive month-end process for their billing. There are many steps to pull the billing together and many places that need to be checked to ensure that all the billing pulls through properly. Our client recently had the great idea to ask their ZümiFi account...

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Success Stories – Custom Reports​

One of our clients has requested some tailored reporting to help them monitor and manage their business. We think going beyond the basics of Profit & Loss is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Their ZümiFi account manager, Megan, has joyously designed and tweaked reporting that includes pie charts, detailed data, and a variety of...

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Success Stories – Meeting Your Needs

Recently, a new client started working with ZümiFi. Our job is to understand each client’s particular needs, then make custom-designed recommendations that will truly move things forward to deliver great books. Our account manager has done a great job keeping their books current. They recently sent a request to have all their account reconciled. They...

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