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Success Stories – Using How To Videos

Training new employees can be difficult and time-consuming, especially regarding complex systems like inventory management. At ZümiFi, we recently had a client who needed to train a new employee on their inventory management system, which was very complex. Although we had detailed procedures written up, their previous employee still struggled to follow the steps, leading...

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Success Stories – Supporting Growth

ZümiFi recently took on a new client with specific bookkeeping requirements. For example, the client needed periodic reporting that reflected how the partners would allocate firm earnings amongst themselves, and they had clear and specific agreements that needed to be followed. ZümiFi took all this information and designed a bookkeeping workflow that enters the data...

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Success Stories – Referral Partners

As a bookkeeping solutions provider, we understand the value of referrals. Referrals from satisfied customers can be a powerful marketing tool, but there is one group whose referrals hold particular significance – CPAs. At ZümiFi, some of our best referrals come from CPAs we have worked with. When their clients need to change or upgrade...

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Success Stories – Growing & Expanding

At ZümiFi, we take pride in our clients’ growth; recently, one of them opened a second location. While this often complicates the 571-L filing process due to increased purchases of new equipment and fixtures, we were well-prepared. Our comprehensive physical inventory spreadsheet, which we maintain in real-time, made it easy to confirm all the new...

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Success Stories – Squeaky Clean!

One of our account managers, Jean, recently untangled a mess caused by a third-party biller. It seems like they didn’t do their job consistently, and despite being authorized to process numerous invoices for payment, they did not! Our client knew things were wrong but didn’t have the time to sort them out themselves. So they...

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Success Stories – Get It Done

Teams make the dream work! That’s our philosophy here at ZümiFi. Our team has been working hard to finalize thousands of transactions for a client who factors their Accounts Receivables. Of course, there are many documents, and often there are edits and changes. But this dynamic duo has done a great job sorting through historical...

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