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Calculate Your Current Ratio

Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities

Small businesses often focus on managing one of their most precious resources – cash! Therefore, you need to be sure you have enough cash on hand to meet your obligations and, hopefully, then some! The current ratio is a great metric to help guide you in this area.

The current ratio is where you divide your current assets by your Current Liabilities. The goal is to have this result be more than 1 – that means you have enough current assets to cover any upcoming obligations. A Current Ratio of 2:1 is ideal.

What are your current assets anyway? 

Current Assets are generally comprised of your cash and Accounts Receivables. If you have inventory, those count as Current Assets too.

What are Current Liabilities? 

Current Liabilities are generally your Accounts Payable, your credit card balances, and any other payables like the sales tax you will need to make in the next 12 months.

Calculate your Current Ratio and see how strong your working cash flow is and how much risk your business is in regarding meeting your upcoming obligations.

If you have challenges in this area, call us – ZümiFi can help! And if your Current Ratio is 2:1 or more, start thinking about your cash reserves policy and how best to use your strong cash position…

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Calculate Your Current Ratio

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