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Managing A/R for Better Cash Flow

Entrepreneurs know the challenges of running a small business. However, even your best clients can face hardships at times. To avoid unwanted cash flow surprises, it is essential to stay on top of your accounts receivables – “A/R.” Promptly addressing a customer falling behind can help avoid an overwhelming situation for both of you. We...

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Calculate Your Current Ratio

Small businesses often focus on managing one of their most precious resources – cash! Therefore, you need to be sure you have enough cash on hand to meet your obligations, and hopefully, then some! A great metric you can use to help guide you in this area is the Current Ratio. The current ratio is...

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Cash Reserves – Set Your Goal!

Cash Reserves – how much is enough? This is a question we address with our clients quite frequently actually. It is wonderful to beyond those day to day cash crisis needs, but the next level of success often means that while your cash position may be stronger, your need for cash may also be growing....

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Cost Saving Tips

Whether you are a new business starting out or an established business looking to contain costs, everyone loves to save money! At ZümiFi, we have put together a list of tips that we thought could help reduce those overhead expenses that can drain your accounts. Go Digital – E-mail invoices, statements or documents instead of...

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Cash Flow Best Practices

Managing the ins and outs of cash flow is an art form. Creating a system to continually manage the updates is essential to keeping your cash flowing. At ZümiFi, we have put together a list of best practices that we thought could assist entrepreneurs to create their own tools for tracking cash flow. Establish your...

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