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Cost Saving Tips

At ZümiFi, saving you money is always a priority!

Whether you are a new business starting or an established business looking to contain costs, everyone loves to save money!

At ZümiFi, we have put together a list of tips that we thought could help reduce those overhead expenses that can drain your accounts.

  • Go Digital – E-mail invoices, statements, or documents instead of sending them in the mail. You will reduce the cost of paper, ink, postage, and the time your employees will take to get the job done.
  • Automate! – There’s an app that is true for almost everything these days. Look for routine tasks that you have to repeat over & over again, and then find an app that can automate that for you. From making appointments to everyday data entry, automation is available and will save you time every day in many different ways!
  • Buy, Used, or Rent – Depending on the equipment you use to operate your business or the time you spend on a project. Buying used or renting equipment can save you a lot of money. You can find items used on websites like Craigslist or Facebook. You can also find a local business that sells new, used, or rents the item you are looking for.
  • Work Remotely – If possible, working remotely can save you time and money. For example, conducting meetings via a program like Skype or Zoom can reduce the expenses of leaving the office. Gas, parking, food, and the expenses for out-of-town meetings can all add up quickly. There are many programs out there that you can try before you determine the level of service you will need.
  • Remote Deposit – most banks have easy ways you can deposit checks received either via a mobile app or using a check scanner. Save time, money, and gas by remotely depositing your checks and getting them into the bank even faster!

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Cost Saving Tips

Bookkeeping Services

ZümiFi’s ongoing bookkeeping services manage your financial activity with a complete turnkey approach. We deliver solid books that provide you with key information in real-time, accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.
We create a custom combination of online, cloud-based tools, including QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, Box.com, and other tools in unique combinations to truly leverage technology. This enables us to fully automate your system, eliminate data entry, and simplify and facilitate your bookkeeping. And we ensure accuracy and completeness so that every dollar counts.


The Scope of ZümiFi’s Bookkeeping Services:

Accounts Payable Services – Recording, tracking, and paying vendor bills.

Accounts Receivable Services – Recording and tracking customer invoices and payments.

Payroll Services – Processing payroll per each client’s instructions regarding amounts to pay; processing and filing appropriate payroll taxes and tax forms.

Reconciliations – Reviewing and balancing bank and credit card transactions; notifying clients of any discrepancies and resolving discrepancies per clients’ instructions when appropriate.

They are reporting – Generating financial reports based on the collected data.

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