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Cool Tools LastPass

We use a few favorite tools to do business and help our client's businesses more efficiently.

At Zumifi, we have been doing this for a while and have a few favorite tools to make our client’s businesses more efficient. This is a sampling of the tools we like to use to deliver powerful X-ray Vision for our clients.

We connect with people, explore, shop, and learn online.

We don’t go online to fuss with passwords or risk our personal or financial information. Designed by web enthusiasts and skilled application developers, LastPass was created to make the online experience easier and safer for everyone.

Last Pass – LastPass remembers your passwords so that you can concentrate on the important things in life. Adding the app to your browser or device allows you to log in to all your accounts efficiently and securely.

We like it because it offers awesome security –

  • complete access control; no more need to remember ANY passwords, store & access from a browser on demand;
  • great way to add new employees & provide appropriate access upon hiring;
  • great way to lock out terminated employees with one easy change;
  • provide different access to different categories of employees

How it works

  • Users create an account with an email address and a strong master password to generate their unique encryption key locally.
  • User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in the vault is kept secret, even from LastPass.
  • Leading Encryption Algorithms – LastPass has implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud.
  • The user’s master password and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt user data are never sent to LastPass servers or accessible by LastPass.
  • Two-factor (multifactor) authentication adds extra security to LastPass accounts by requiring a second login step before authorizing the user.
  • When storing passwords, convenient and reliable access is critical. LastPass ensures passwords are securely available when and where they’re needed.

What are your favorite tools? We’d love to hear from you.

Cool Tools LastPass