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Get those checks issued cashed!

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Dealing with Uncashed Checks in Bookkeeping? We’ve Got You Covered! 

Uncashed checks can be a real headache when it comes to bookkeeping. They can disrupt the smooth reconciliation process and complicate tracking your cash flow. You may find that your bank account balance online differs from what QuickBooks shows, and this could be due to some checks that haven’t cleared your account yet. But that’s not all—an additional responsibility comes with uncashed checks: reporting them as unclaimed property.

In California, businesses must reasonably contact the recipient of uncashed checks to ensure they receive their funds. If all attempts to reach the recipient fail and the checks remain uncashed after a certain period, the business must report them as unclaimed property to the State. Payroll checks must be reported within one year, while regular checks to vendors must be reported within three years.

We understand that this can all feel overwhelming and complex. But fear not! At Zumifi, we have developed a clear routine to tackle this responsibility, and we’re here to share it with you.

📅 Here’s a Clear Routine for Dealing with Uncashed Checks:

1️⃣ Periodically review uncashed checks: Set aside time to review your outstanding checks and identify any that have not been cashed within a reasonable timeframe.

2️⃣ Follow up with recipients: Once you identify an uncashed check, make reasonable efforts to contact the recipient and remind them to cash it. Document your attempts to reach them.

3️⃣ Mark your calendar: Keep track of when each check was issued and when you contacted the recipient. Set a reminder to follow up if the check remains uncashed after a certain period.

4️⃣ Submit an annual report: At the designated reporting time (within one year for payroll checks and three years for regular checks to vendors), compile a list of uncashed checks you have been unable to resolve. Submit this report to the State of California as required.

💡 The Best Time Saver: Cash Checks When Issued 💡

The most effective way to avoid the complexities of uncashed checks is to ensure that all checks are cashed promptly when issued. Encourage your recipients to deposit or cash their checks promptly, and keep track of any outstanding checks to minimize the impact on your bookkeeping process.

⏰ Let Us Streamline Your Bookkeeping Responsibilities ⏰

Managing uncashed checks and other bookkeeping responsibilities can feel like a burden. That’s why we’re here to help. At Zumifi, we specialize in strategies and solutions to keep your bookkeeping streamlined and clean. Call us, and we’ll provide expert guidance to simplify your processes and ensure compliance with all accounting requirements.

Don’t let uncashed checks cause you unnecessary stress. You can navigate this bookkeeping aspect smoothly and efficiently with a clear routine and our assistance.

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