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KPIs in Focus Driving Growth

Growing sales - what's your focus? Volume? Velocity? Adding Products?

Zumifi would welcome the opportunity to assist in establishing Key Performance Indicators that will allow you to keep your company on a solid foundation. We’ll strategize different types of KPIs to create accountability in your business and keep the focus on the things that can impact your goals and future growth.

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KPIs in Focus Driving Growth

KPIs in Focus Driving Growth

We work with clients throughout the year to establish KPIs to help them manage their businesses. For example, in an INC article, Jim Hoffman of 1-800-FLOWERS asks his staff one simple question “How is what you are doing helping us sell more flowers?This singular focus identifies the organization’s primary goal – Sell More Flowers! Every employee knows it, and everyone is working towards the same goal.

Selling more flowers translates to growing sales, but how? Let’s focus on three approaches: volume, velocity, and addition.

  • Volume – Volume is about selling more. Do we increase advertising? Do we focus on social media? If we look at the ROI of our marketing efforts, we want to ensure that for every dollar we spend, we make some positive multiple in return. For example, five dollars in sales for every dollar spent on marketing yields a 5:1 ratio of revenue to cost.

What Is A Good Marketing ROI? A good marketing ROI is a 5:1—5:1 ratio in the middle of the bell curve. A ratio over 5:1 is considered strong for most businesses, and a 10:1 ratio is exceptional. So to increase volume, one solution could be to increase your marketing budget. That’s right – we might advocate that you spend more to make more!

  • Velocity – Sales Velocity is the time it takes for a new lead to become a closed deal. To increase velocity, we look for ways to shorten the sales cycle. Do we pre-qualify leads? Are we talking to the decision-maker? Is there a budget established for this service? Have we made sure our product meets the unmet needs of the buyer? By ensuring the client is a good fit, we increase the likelihood of closing the sale quicker and with fewer objections.
  • Add to the Product/Service Mix – Product or Service expansion can take several forms, including new versions of an existing product, upgrades to existing products, or completely new products. To avoid losing business to competitors, companies must upgrade their existing products or develop products that can compete effectively.

One of the most effective is understanding what new products to consider and talking to your clients about. How have their needs changed over time? What new features would be beneficial to their business? What needs are not being met by the market? This feedback aggregated over your client base should help you decide where to focus your efforts.

We must consider various ways to grow sales as we focus on the future. We want to ensure we are addressing an unmet need in the market and that we can profitably pursue the opportunity. To understand which strategy will work best for your organization, you must continually communicate with your clients to understand their changing needs. Their insights will direct you to the best way to grow sales in 2023.

KPIs in Focus Driving Growth