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Boost Your Hiring Confidence with GoodHire: Recommended by ZümiFi

GoodHire is an easy to use online service that can produce these background checks for you in 1-3 business days.

Are you conducting background checks on your potential hires? At ZümiFi, we cannot stress enough the importance of such checks. Though most background checks will likely come back clean, ensuring your prospective team members have clean records is paramount, especially if their roles involve driving for your business.

Boost Your Hiring Confidence with GoodHire: Recommended by ZümiFi

We recommend GoodHire, a user-friendly online service that delivers comprehensive background checks within 1-3 business days. With GoodHire, you’re not just screening potential employees but building a team founded on mutual trust, safety, and fairness.

GoodHire serves over 75,000 employers with its advanced technology platform that makes background checks instant and integrates smoothly with leading HR tools for an efficient hiring workflow. Their candidate experience has won awards, and they are recognized as leaders in compliance expertise. Notably, GoodHire is the only provider in the industry with built-in adverse action workflows compliant with over 180 state and local ban-the-box laws.

Have a look at GoodHire!

At ZümiFi, Bookkeeping is Our Core Strength

While we advocate for hiring with confidence, we also understand that managing finances is key to the success of any business. That’s where we excel.

We love bookkeeping – it’s our bread and butter. It’s what brings us joy and motivation to start our day! But when we talk about cloud bookkeeping, we elevate that joy a few notches higher. By maximizing opportunities to automate data entry and integrating various online tools that sync seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, we take your bookkeeping to the next level.

At ZümiFi, we pride ourselves on understanding each client’s needs and providing custom-designed solutions that propel your business forward while maintaining top-notch books.

In the spirit of our Cool Tools series, we recommend GoodHire for your hiring needs and offer our expertise in cloud bookkeeping for your business. Let’s achieve success together!

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