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Date your documents carefully!

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Ann Mahoney, a Certified Forensic Document Examiner and Court Qualified Handwriting Expert shares today’s tip.

Date your documents carefully!

Did you know that 2023 provides some scary opportunities for forgery? Read more of what Ann shares below:

2023 provides a unique opportunity for scam artists to compromise their important papers. The trick is simple to execute but insidious in consequences. Luckily, foiling the forger is simple. Many of us have seen instances where someone has attempted to convert the number “1” to a 4, 7, 6, or 9. Or change the number “3” to a 5 or 8 by adding a simple stroke or two. Unfortunately, results are often detectable due to clumsy execution – excessive overwriting, erasure, white-out, patching, gaps, etc.

Easy Target – The Solo 20

The game changes, however, with a date such as 1/15/20. (also written 1-15-20 or 1.15.20) No need for overwriting or erasing here, as changing the date merely requires the addition of two numerals at the end – 2005 or 2021, for example. Whether your document is handwritten or typewritten, a “solo 20” is a sitting duck waiting to be exploited. A “solo 20” can be pre-dated from 2000 to 2019 or post-dated up to 2099. If the terms of a contract hinge on a specific date, disaster awaits. Safeguard your important documents – will, real estate & mortgage, insurance, corporate contracts, medical records, and more- by employing the 2020 Rule, and protect yourself and your future. It may be the best New Year’s Resolution you ever keep!

ZümiFi – We Got Your Back!

Date your documents carefully!