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Save Those Receipts

Zumifi - helping you organize!

The IRS requires you to keep receipts for everything you spend on your business. Collecting and managing those receipts is a critical workflow for your business. Done well; this becomes a way everyone works. Not done well, this becomes a time-consuming reconstruction effort well after the fact, and the potential to still miss things is huge. So what’s a smart business to do? Find some great tools to help, of course!

Save Those Receipts

One great option for many clients is to use QuickBooks to maintain and organize their receipts! We find it a great idea to literally “attach” the receipt to the transactions within QuickBooks. Doing so gives you very clean records, and you can trace through anything you need to at a moment’s notice. So how do you attach receipts within QuickBooks Online? Now there are several ways to do so:

  1. From a web browser, you can log into QuickBooks Online, go to a specific transaction, and drag & drop the receipt onto that transaction.
  2. QuickBooks Online just released functionality that allows you to set up receipt forwarding! So receipts can be emailed to your QBO directly!
  3. You can take a picture of a receipt with your QuickBooks mobile app and upload it directly to QBO.

This could be a game changer for many small businesses. This type of access makes it very easy to get receipts in. Your account manager at Zumifi can help ensure that the receipts get attached to the correct transactions. Most importantly, all your documentation would be in QuickBooks Online, accessible from anywhere, anytime!

We highly encourage you to consider whether these new functionalities can benefit your business. For example, we all have to track and save our receipts – let QuickBooks make this better and easier for you!

Zumifi- helping you organize!

Save Those Receipts