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Simplify Your Business Finances with ZümiFi’s Bookkeeping and A/R Services

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Managing your accounts receivable (A/R) can be daunting as a business owner accounts receivable (A/R) can be daunting, especially when you have numerous other responsibilities. However, with the help of your ZümiFi account manager, you can alleviate this burden and stay on top of your financials. In this blog post, we’ll share a success story about how ZümiFi assisted a client in overcoming their A/R challenges and highlight the range of bookkeeping services offered by ZümiFi to simplify and streamline your business finances.

Success Story: Getting Back on Track with A/R

One of ZümiFi’s clients recently encountered difficulties in billing and collecting outstanding invoices, causing them to fall behind on their financial obligations. Thankfully, their dedicated account manager, Michelle, devised a plan to restore their financial stability. Michelle began by implementing a systematic approach, creating and sending out invoices to clients every month. This ensured that invoices were issued promptly, improving cash flow for the client’s business.

Additionally, Michelle leveraged ZümiFi’s robust reporting capabilities to generate targeted reports for management. These reports allowed the client to gain insight into the work completed and make informed decisions regarding billing. By accurately tracking billable activities, clients could allocate their time and attention where needed, optimizing their resources effectively.

To tackle overdue invoices, Michelle initiated a proactive collection process. She made regular collection calls to clients once their invoices exceeded the due date, maintaining consistency and promptly addressing outstanding amounts. This diligent approach facilitated the client in collecting the money owed and ensuring that their time and expenses were properly billed. As a result, ZümiFi takes pride in helping clients maintain a healthy cash flow.

ZümiFi’s Bookkeeping Services: Streamlining Your Finances

Managing your financial activity can be complex, but ZümiFi offers comprehensive bookkeeping services that simplify the process. Their turnkey approach delivers accurate and up-to-date financial information, accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. By leveraging online, cloud-based tools like QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, and Box.com, ZümiFi automates your system, eliminates data entry, and ensures accuracy, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

Here are some key aspects of ZümiFi’s bookkeeping services:

  1. Accounts Payable Services: ZümiFi records, tracks, and pays vendor bills, ensuring that your financial obligations are met promptly and accurately.

  2. Accounts Receivable Services: ZümiFi records and tracks customer invoices and payments, streamlining your A/R processes and optimizing cash flow.

  3. Payroll Services: ZümiFi processes payroll based on your instructions, taking care of payroll taxes and filing relevant tax forms, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

  4. Reconciliations: ZümiFi performs regular bank and credit card transaction reviews and balances, promptly notifying you of any discrepancies and resolving them according to your instructions.

  5. Reporting: ZümiFi generates comprehensive financial reports based on the collected data, enabling you to make informed business decisions and gain valuable insights into your financial health.


Don’t let the complexities of managing your A/R and bookkeeping overwhelm you. ZümiFi’s expert account managers, like Michelle, are here to support you. By entrusting your financial processes to ZümiFi, you can streamline your operations, enhance cash flow, and gain real-time access to vital financial information. Contact ZümiFi today to explore how their bookkeeping services can simplify your business finances and propel your success.

Simplify Your Business Finances with ZümiFi’s Bookkeeping and A/R Services