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Properly Recording Customer Payments: A Key Element of Effective Bookkeeping

We are here to make sure you understand your books!

As a business owner, ensuring that your financial records accurately reflect your transactions is crucial. But when you get a customer check, do you know the correct way to record it? In this blog post, we’ll share a recent success story where a client contacted their account manager for assistance with a missing payment. The incident revealed the importance of properly recording customer payments and the role Zumifi plays in providing guidance and support for accurate bookkeeping. We’ll also highlight the comprehensive bookkeeping services offered by Zumifi to help streamline your financial processes.

Success Story: Unlocking the Missing Payment

A client recently contacted their Zumifi account manager for a missing payment. Upon investigation, it became evident that the client had been recording payments incorrectly, which hindered their ability to locate the missing amount. Mistakenly, the client had been depositing payments directly into their checking account or recording deposits without creating invoices in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Recognizing the need for immediate action, Zumifi’s account manager stepped in and rectified the errors. In addition, to prevent such issues from recurring, the client was sent a detailed email containing instructions, examples, and explanations for each step involved in recording payments accurately. The client was thrilled to receive this guidance and could implement the instructions on the same day, successfully resolving the missing payment issue.

At Zumifi, we prioritize your understanding of your books. However, if something seems unclear or you require guidance, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager. We are committed to ensuring you fully grasp your financial records.

Zumifi’s Bookkeeping Services:

Optimizing Your Financial Processes Bookkeeping is at the core of what Zumifi does best. Our team of experts is passionate about streamlining and optimizing your financial activities. By embracing cloud-based technology, we take bookkeeping to new heights, leveraging automation and seamless integration with tools like QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, and Box.com. This approach eliminates manual data entry, enhances efficiency, and provides real-time access to your financial information.

Here’s an overview of the comprehensive bookkeeping services offered by Zumifi:

  1. Accounts Payable Services: We handle the recording, tracking, and payment of vendor bills, ensuring accuracy and timely payments.

  2. Accounts Receivable Services: Zumifi records and tracks customer invoices and payments, allowing you to maintain a clear overview of your outstanding balances.

  3. Payroll Services: We process payroll according to your instructions, ensuring correct payment amounts and handling payroll tax processing and filing.

  4. Reconciliations: Our team diligently reviews and balances your bank and credit card transactions, quickly identifying discrepancies and resolving them based on your preferences.

  5. Reporting: Zumifi generates comprehensive financial reports based on the data collected, empowering you to make informed decisions and monitor the health of your business.


Properly recording customer payments is vital for maintaining accurate financial records. The success story highlighted the importance of understanding the correct procedures for recording payments and the value of Zumifi’s guidance and expertise. If you encounter any uncertainties or challenges in your bookkeeping processes, your dedicated account manager will support you.

Zumifi’s bookkeeping services offer a turnkey approach to managing your financial activities. By leveraging cloud-based tools and automation, we simplify your bookkeeping, eliminate data entry, and ensure accuracy.

Contact Zumifi today or call 415.550.3070 to learn more about our customized bookkeeping services and how we can help meet your business needs.

Properly Recording Customer Payments: A Key Element of Effective Bookkeeping